Monday, September 19, 2011


I took a photo of the campus from a view of looking out of my window. I decided to do this because I live on the 5th fllor of LaFarge and the view from my window overlooks the campus. I also wanted to take a picture from my room because my room is my new home! I am used to looking out my window and seeing a backyard and neighbors. Instead i see my new home here on hawk hill.
I like this photo because it sort of shows what is going on all over campus too. You can see a construction crane in the background! It is nice though because past all of the construction you can see the bell tower which I think is the most beautiful part of campus.
You can also see some of the lovely trees on this campus. One of the reasons why i like this campus so much is because it is in the city but still gives a suburban feel with all of the trees and nature. I feel that this photo captures this really well.

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