Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Blog post #7: "The Object"

If I had to choose an object from service, I would choose the clock. There is one located on the back wall of the room we tutor our learners. I chose this object because the time is always on my mind and I structure my lesson around it. For example, every half-hour I like to do something different so both me and the learner do not get bored. Honestly I look at it sometimes to see how much time is left but the more I look at it, the slower it moves so I find it best to check as little as possible.
To me the clock represents time which does not mean a whole lot to me other than how much time my learner and I have spent on a particular subject or how much time is left at service. I suppose it means a similar thing to my learner but I am not exactly sure because I get a new learner pretty much every week and will be getting a new one this monday so we will see. I know they check the clock at least periodically as well because last time my learner asked if it was almost over and I pointed at the clock and we still had another hour. I must have not done that great of a job because she seamed in a little of a hurry to get out of there and also now she cannot come mondays anymore. It is alright though, because I enjoyed the time I have had so far and hopefully will be able to continue to help people.

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