Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rosa Lee Pages 172-248 Response

I thought this was a very informative book. Many of the habits that Rosa Lee and Patty had in the beginning of the story still were reoccuring in this section. I was always aware of the families like Rosa Lee's but I never knew what day to day life was like for families like hers. At times the book made me depressed because Rosa Lee and her family showed no signs of hope at times but I did enjoy the way the book ended, however.
One thing that really stood out to me was how Rosa Lee began prostituting Patty. The author brought the subject up multiple times but it took years for Rosa Lee to actually talk about it with him. It just hard for me to imagine how a mother could do that to her daughter. For her to introduce Patty to drugs it one thing but for some reason I find that prostituting her own daughter even more disturbing. Rosa Lee also brought home men and would sleep with them in the same bed Patty slept in at such a young age.
At the end of the book Rosa Lee seams more of a changed person. Bobby came home at the end and the book goes on to say he died of AIDS a few days later at the house. Patty was also arrested for murder. These two event were really a wake up call to Rosa Lee. She has been taking care of her new great-grandson and the book ends by Rosa Lee taking care of her great-grandson the right way. At Bobby's funeral she talks about how she did not do a good job raising her kids and that she was truly sorry. This is the first time I think she truly was sorry and a turning point in her life.
The quote that stood out to me was "But then, Rosa Lee is not the same women when we first met". I like this quote becasue the author also was able to recognize a change and Rosa Lee.

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