Monday, December 5, 2011

Service this Semester

Service this semester has been a wonderful expecience. At first I was not really sure what to expect and I did not have a learner for more than two weeks until recently and could not be happier. It feels great to know that I helped someone else learn and helped them to feel better about themselves.
I started off this semester wondering if service learning really would be the right thing for me. I was nervous the first few times I went to service because I have no experience tutoring others in the past so it was something completely new to me. The first few weeks were rough. I had a new learner every week for the most part or Scott from CFL would call me and say I would not have to come because my learner is no longer part of the program and that he would be sure to assign me with a more serious student next time.
It was not until a few weeks ago when I was matched with my current learner now, Delores. She is a student who is also in a night class Scott teachers at the CFL. She is at the intermediate level and so far we have been mostly working on word problems and basic algebra problems. She is already a fairly good writer and reader so for the most part we have just focused on math related problems. We also spend a lot of time working on fraction and percentage problems because she tends to struggle with them even though I have seen her improve over the last few weeks. It is a great feeling to see your learner improve because it makes you feel like the time we are spending is productive and that we are making progress. Delores is also a very nice lady who usually brings in a snack for all my other classmates to enjoy as service is winding down.
Service has been a great experience so far this year and it is something that I would recommend to any freshmen next year. I look forward to service next semester and know that Delores and I would continue to make progress everytime we meet.